You’ve got the tools, now use them!

Joanne, an Employ-Ability Program participant from the Neil Squire Society’s Prairie Regional office shares her successes, and hardships.

“My search for employment began at CanSask (new window) and through them I came to the Neil Squire Society (new window). Debbie from CanSask recognized that I was unable to do the work I previously had done due to Arthritis (new window) and Plantar Fasciitis (new window).

Joanne and Prairie Regional Manager, Nikki LangdonThe Employ-Ability Program helped me understand that even with my limits due to my disability; there are many other qualities I have. Career Counselling was such an eye opener. I discovered jobs that fit my personality, how to set goals and achieve them. Wellness for Work helped change my attitude towards myself and gave me a new level of self-confidence. Career Development has advanced my computer skills and improved my resume and cover letter.

The assistance I received from Brook, the Assistive Technology Specialist at the Neil Squire Society, was very beneficial. Before this I had no idea I could be so comfortable at a computer.

When I first came to the Neil Squire Society, I was in denial and had a hard time accepting that I had a disability. The people at the Neil Squire Society, Nikki, Diann, Denine, Brook and Samantha have been so instrumental in my change of attitude and showing me the potential I have in the workforce.  I have and would recommend the programs at the Neil Squire Society to others. The changes that took place in me and classmates have given me a whole new perspective on life and on my place in the work force.

I am now looking for employment that fits my needs. I am aware that during an interview, I need to identify my needs to my potential employer while, using my assertiveness and communication skills.

Because of the Employ-Ability Program, I have accepted a position in childcare with confidence. I was able to state my needs to my employer and they were willing to accommodate them. When I first came to the Neil Squire Society I was lacking confidence and felt hopeless. The program and the staff have helped me gain a new outlook on life and have supplied me with tools to enhance my future endeavors. I am leaving the Neil Squire Society with great confidence and a brighter future. Thank you for giving me this opportunity.”

– Joanne

Thank you for sharing Joanne and good luck with your new job!