You Develop A Sense Of Belonging When Volunteering

Anjali is a computer professional who wanted to volunteer her computer technology, business, and management skills with a not-for-profit (new window). When researching volunteer opportunities and ways of integrating with the community, she discovered the Neil Squire Society’s Computer Comfort Program.

Anjali volunteered at Neil Squire Society (new window) from June 2011 to February 2012, and was fortunate to work with two engaging clients. But with every reward, a challenge would be faced. When a client had a hard time remembering things, Anjali had to learn how to keep the tutorials (new window) interesting so the clients would remain focused and retain the knowledge. She was dedicated to overseeing any challenges, and making sure the client was learning: “Challenges are always there in one form or the other and we have to deal with it tactfully and patiently. I analyzed clients’ needs and taught them by utilizing their strengths with the pace that they were able to learn. I also got them to practice the syllabus which helped them to learn thoroughly. I was thus able to deal with such challenges successfully.”

While teaching one-on-one basic through intermediate computer skills, Anjali was able to brush up on her own computer skills and was also able to practice and develop her patience.

Anjali has now taken a full time job with a leading national IT (new window) distributor and is selling IT hardware (new window) and software (new window) products through-out Canada. We want to thank Anjali, for she has left the Computer Comfort program with his knowledge, skills, and these positive words,

“If someone is able to spare some time to volunteer, Neil Squire Society is the best one I can think of, especially if they are in the IT field. Neil Squire Society is the only organization dedicated to improving the social and economic lives of Canadians with physical disabilities by using computer based assistive technologies. With a spirit of giving back to our society, in the best possible way, I had an excellent time at the Neil Squire Society tutoring clients. It has been a win-win situation for all. It gives me pride when giving back to the community, integrating ourselves, and developing a sense of belonging.”