Accessible Gaming with Microsoft and EA

July 11, 2019

We are incredibly excited to announce that our Makers Making Change Program has teamed up with Microsoft and Electronic Arts (EA). We will be hosting events with each of them this month, focused on accessible gaming.

Gamers with disabilities can find it difficult to use standard gaming controllers. Microsoft’s Xbox Adaptive Controller (opens in a new window) is a device that allows gamers with disabilities to remap the buttons on a standard controller. They can also connect switches or other input devices that better match their body shape, strength, dexterity, and overall abilities.

Here is a video from Microsoft with some young gamers who have benefited from this access:

On July 23rd, we will be at ‘The Garage’, where 25 Microsoft Vancouver staff members will learn how 3D printing and electronics skills can be used to build a variety of accessibility switches. And two days later on July 25th, we will be at EA Burnaby, where 150 EA staff members will do the same.

Together, we will build the following switches, some of which are already part of the Makers Making Change Project Library (opens in a new window): Raindrop Switch, AT Makers Keyswitch, Resistive Touch Switch, Light Touch Switch, Compact Switch. These switches come in a variety of sizes and types and can be plugged into Microsoft’s Xbox Adaptive Controller to help gamers of all abilities play video games.

Truly, when everybody plays, we all win! Stay tuned for photos from these events in the coming weeks.