The Solutions team with their adapted toys.

Neil Squire Solutions BC Team Adapts Toys Together

September 27, 2023

On Friday, our Makers Making Change team hosted our BC Solutions team for a build event, making switches and adapting toys. It was a great team building event, and best of all, the toys will go to local kids with disabilities as part of our #HackingForTheHolidays campaign.

A woman in a comfortable chair uses a laptop.

WorkBC Assistive Technology Services Boosts Tanya’s Confidence in the Job Search

September 20, 2023

“This program has given me the ability to look for employment in a company and not feel like I will be a burden,” Tanya says. “[It] has helped my ability to use the keyboard less, sit in a comfortable chair and use the laptop to complete my training. As well, use my headphones to speak into [it] without using my hands on the keyboard or phone.”

A landline phone in an office.

Hearing Aids Help Maria Shine at Work

September 13, 2023

Maria works at a medical clinic in Richmond, and her work requires her to talk with patients in-person and over the phone in tight quarters with her co-workers. She has Tinnitus which can make it difficult to hear everything with the noisy environment.

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