Accessibility in Audio

October 10, 2019

Woman sitting outside with earphones plugged inIn recent years, audio-based entertainment and learning has becoming more and more prevalent with the rise of many audiobook services such as LibriVox, Kobo, and, the subject of this week’s ebulletin, Audible.

Audible not only offers an impressive library of audio-based books, radio shows, magazines, and theater performances, this service features top-tier actors and narrators such as Emma Thompson, Jimmy Carter, John Malkovich, and countless other A-list talents.

But it’s not just the depth of featured talent that makes Audible such a great service, it’s their commitment to accessibility that we’re focusing on today.

Not only is this service available in app format via Google Play, App Store, and iTunes, Audible has created an accessibility-focused website designed specifically for users with visual difficulties. The accessible version of the website is sparse and uncluttered, and features only text, making it incredibly easy to navigate via screen reader, especially when compared to the visually overwhelming and highly stylized websites that most of us are used to seeing from modern media platforms like Netflix. Using the accessible version of the website, users are able to sign in, browse, or search for their favorite audio books without any other unnecessary distractions, making it an ideal choice for users with visual challenges, especially for those users who require screen readers to browse online.

For users who are still having difficulty in accessing Audible’s accessible website, free live technical support is available 24/7 at 888-283-5051. These agents are trained to assist individuals with visual challenges and are even able to access users’ computers (with permission) in order to assist in the set-up process.

The audible app is available for download via iTunes, Google Play, and the App Store.

Audible is a subscription-based service, with the first 30 days free. After the trial period, the subscription cost is $14.95 per month. To get started, click here(new window).To access Audible’s accessible website, click here(new window).