Bridge Communication App

March 19, 2020

Two children in a library. One is holding an iPad and sitting in a wheelchairAugmentative and alternative communication (AAC) technology is designed to provide vocal output for those who cannot (or struggle to) express themselves verbally. This technology could be useful for a wide variety of communication challenges, including autism spectrum disorders, neurological disorders, brain injury, developmental delays, dyspraxia, and any other type of challenge or injury that might affect speech.

Unfortunately, finding reasonably priced solutions to communication challenges is not always easy, as standalone AAC devices typically cost thousands of dollars.

The Bridge Communication app(new window) takes advantage of the iPads advanced built-in technology to provide a cheaper, (although less robust) alternative to traditional AAC devices, which are typically cumbersome, AND expensive. That being said, individuals who are likely to require the use of an AAC device throughout their life may want to consider the larger, more feature-rich standalone devices such as these.

The app is designed to bolster vocabulary and speech production, and the intuitive, accessible design is meant to decrease frustration in both users and potential caretakers. The app is divided into a variety of customizable “communication boards” which allow users to tap their way through conversations. The built-in navigation and toolbars are easy to use, and the customization options are very accessible.

Main Features

  • 1,200 pre-loaded vocabulary items, phrases, sentences
  • 2,800 pre-loaded word, phrase, sentence articulation folder (Speech Therapy)
  • Edit/Add items using photos or camera roll
  • Edit/Add groups, videos, pages
  • Add background color to groups
  • Message Window
  • Live Chats including screen sharing and live audio

Upgrade Features:

  • All features above
  • Forms for training and communication goals
  • Edit/Add items using 20,000 icon SymbolStix library
  • Edit/Add background color to items
  • Edit/Remove default vocabulary items, groups, pages
  • Save/Recover/Reset

The lite version of the app is available for $19.99, and the Pro version with extra features is $59.99. The app is compatible with iPads loaded with iOS 8.0 and above.

This post originally appeared on the AT Help Desk(new window) website.