”It Brings Cheese to my Macaroni”

The Accessible Wilderness Society (new window) makes outdoor activities possible for everyone, including people with disabilities. Canoeing, kayaking, hiking, whale watching, you name it! This Canadian society is working to create Canada’s first Universally Designed accessible wilderness lodge and campground on Vancouver Island (new window).

There has been a dedicated and passionate volunteer that has been providing his time to the Accessible Wilderness Societyfor many years. This volunteer would be Dan, the ultimate outdoorsman, who is strongly devoted to the world of nature. Because of Dan’s extreme devotion to nature and his loyalty to the society, a unique opportunity was presented. The Neil Squire Society recognized the bond between Dan and the Accessible Wilderness Society. Through the Neil Squire Society’s Working Together Program, Dan was hired on as Executive Director at the Accessible Wilderness Society. Although Dan has always enjoyed his time at the Accessible Wilderness Society, the financial aspect of the wage subsidy from the Working Together Program adds quite the delight, “It added the cheese to my macaroni” Dan says.

Dan was thoroughly impressed by the Working Together team as he commented on their “wonderful professionalism and couldn’t have asked for more.” Dan is passionate working as Executive Director at the Accessible Wilderness Society. Gerry Price, Vice-President of Accessible Wilderness Society, says “with the help of the Working Together Program, bringing Dan on as our Executive Director was a tremendous gain for the society.

The Working Together Program gave Dan the chance to reach a very fulfilling role at the Accessible Wilderness Society (new window).