Byron puts his life “back on track” with the Working Together program

At Carmichael Outreach (new window), those struggling with addictions, poverty, health issues, homelessness and overwhelming life crisis are shown that people care and are willing to help — hope is given a space to grow.

Byron Pic1It is already tough in a struggling market to find employment and it’s significantly more difficult when you face other barriers such as a criminal record, mental health issues and transitional housing. Carmichael Outreach, based in Regina, Saskatchewan, is at the center of these issues, working from the community level to provide support services to those who need it.

Carmichael Outreach has collaborated with the Neil Squire Society to empower one particular participant who faced an uphill struggle to employment. Byron came to the Neil Squire Society in hopes of securing employment and learning the skills needed to succeed.

Byron suffers from PTSD (new window) and anxiety (new window), had no resume or cover letter, and did not know how to effectively search for employment. He worked very hard to learn new skills during the program and to craft a marketable resume drawing on his transferable skills. By the end, Byron had gained some confidence and self-esteem and was ready to apply for jobs. With the help of his Job Developer, Byron approached Carmichael Outreach as a potential employer.

Carmichael Outreach was able to hire Byron as the Assistant of Programs and Operations thanks to the Neil Squire Society’s Working Together program. The additional funds from the wage subsidy also allow Carmichael to focus their services to others in need. Carmichael now routinely refers other potential participants to the Neil Squire Society’s employment services.

I’m so happy I came to Neil Squire. My life is back on track,” says Byron. “I couldn’t be happier. Thank you.”

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The Working Together with Employers and Enhancing Employability
program is funded by the Government of Canada’s
Opportunities Fund for Persons with Disabilities