A student seated at a desk, using a smartphone. In the foreground is a laptop and a stack of books

Freedom: A Productivity App

July 30, 2021

Freedom is a productivity app that allows users to easily block distracting websites, apps, or WI-FI. And because the app syncs across all your devices, it’s a lot harder for users to “trick” the app and visit a blocked site or app.

a person in a wheelchair presses on a Round Flexure Switch

Quick Look: Round Flexure Switch

July 22, 2021

The MMC60 Round Flexure Switch is an easy-to-use switch, that’s also easy to build, ideal for people who have difficulty with fine motor control.

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Popplet – A Mind Mapping Tool

June 18, 2021

Mind mapping is a concept that’s been around in some form or another for decades, but recent innovations in technology have made this concept especially accessible. iPads. Popplet is a mind mapping tool for students K-12 (and adults) that emphasizes simplicity over complicated features.

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