Colchester Community Workshops Thankful for Digital Jumpstart

June 2, 2021

Colchester Community Workshops (opens in a new window) (CCW) provides valuable services to adults with intellectual disabilities in Truro, Nova Scotia, enhancing their clients’ lives through vocational skills development and personal growth.

We were thrilled to receive a letter from CCW thanking Neil Squire and staff member Joel Couture for Digital Jumpstart training, which has helped their clients stay connected during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Top view of person using a laptop“Throughout this time many of these client participants have undergone isolation in their homes, restriction of visitors, a stop in work activity, severely restricted social activity and a lack of community support,” writes CCW Operations Support Manager Kelly Atwater.

“The result of these changes on the lives of those we support can be critical to their mental health and wellbeing. People with disabilities are at a greater risk of isolation and loneliness without alternative measures put in place to ensure engagement in meaningful interactions.

“Over the past several months, you have provided these meaningful interactions, and as an organization, we thank you for this.”

Fourteen CCW clients—including Robert—have participated in Digital Jumpstart. Joel trained nine of them.

“You have changed the lives of nine client participants in fundamental ways. This opportunity has given these individuals confidence and knowledge of digital literacy. It has given them the ability to seek out new opportunities due to the skills you have taught them. It has allowed these participants to create friendships with coworkers that do not stop at the end of their work day (for those who are back to work), but allows them to connect virtually while at home.

“You have given these participants an option to be social, to seek and search out info online, and to join social media, allowing their days throughout this pandemic seem not quite so long.  You have provided the knowledge, patience and support to open up the world of these nine individuals who have struggled in these difficult times. You have allowed them the privacy to be vulnerable and to learn at a pace that is comfortable for each one of them. Some of these individuals who have not turned on a computer (or when they have, didn’t get much farther), are now in contact with family and friends from near and far. We are confident the skills taught throughout this program will continue to provide opportunities to our participants, and the impact on their overall wellbeing will be long lasting.

“Thank you again, for what you have done. Your name at CCW continues to be heard from all you have touched.”

Thank you, Colchester Community Workshops!

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