David Finds a Job That is the Perfect Fit

November 22, 2017

David was diagnosed with a learning disability (opens in a new window) at the age of five. He had struggled through school, particularly in the areas of reading and math. Due to the frustration, he quit after completing his grade 10. He worked in the construction sector as a Heavy Equipment Operator/Mover between 1995 – 2001, but had to quit the job due to the physical stress and cumulative pain.

David, a Working Together participant

David was now looking to re-enter the workforce in a position where he could be successful. He heard about the Neil Squire Society from a friend, who felt the Working Together program would be a good fit to assist him with his goal. Working with his job developer, David was able to update his resume and cover letter to reflect his new skills and work experience.

“At last, I can send out a good resume and cover letter in search of a job,” shares David. He was interested in a position with repetition and which would not involve a lot of math.

Armed with his resume, cover letter, and a lot of determination, David secured a job as a driver in the construction industry. He says, “I am really so excited that I am back working. I am very grateful to Neil Squire Society for this opportunity. Thank you.”


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The Working Together with Employers and Enhancing Employability
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Opportunities Fund for Persons with Disabilities