Davin Finds a Job He Truly Enjoys with Working Together

June 24, 2020

Looking to re-enter the workforce, Davin joined Neil Squire’s Working Together program in Regina, Saskatchewan.

Davin was diagnosed as partially deaf at a young age and has a stutter. He has been an active volunteer in his community — receiving a volunteerism award for serving as the equipment manager for the local Junior B hockey team for the last ten years — and has completed a Parts Management Technician certificate through Saskatchewan Polytechnic.

However, it had been a few years since Davin was last employed.

Working Together participant DavinWith the Working Together Program, he saw an opportunity to build upon his skills and gain the confidence needed to find employment.

In addition to working one on one with a Job Developer, Davin benefited from participating in the Employment Readiness Group program, where he enhanced his interview skills, resume and cover letter writing, wellness and job development. Davin was a dedicated student and client and was often commended for his reliability and effort in completing his work.

Davin noted he “liked everything” about the programming he received at Neil Squire, especially “how to do a resume and cover letter properly.”

Due to Davin’s fearless attitude and strong work ethic, in short order he found work — he was offered a position as a Greenhouse Laborer at Cherry Lane Greenhouse and Gifts (opens in a new window) just after completing the Employment Readiness Group program.

He attributes his success to his ability to never give up and keep moving forward when things get tough.

And now, with a job that allows him to be outside and work with his hands, Davin has found himself not only a job, but one he truly enjoys.