Deborah’s Journey Towards Employment

Before coming to the Neil Squire Society’s Working Together program, Deborah was feeling frustrated and negative toward her job search and felt that things just weren’t working for her.

picture-deborahShe was first drawn to the program because, unlike other programs she had encountered, it offered a “full picture” approach to her search for employment.

Deborah has anxiety disorder (new window) and ADHD (new window), and has to be careful not to take on anything too overwhelming. With a learning disability (new window), she has difficulties writing down her thoughts. Deborah also has diabetes (new window) which can impact her physically, causing tiredness and making it difficult to focus on the task at hand.

When she first started, she needed to update her resume, learn how to write a cover letter and work towards employment.

“I now have an awesome resume and cover letter and I have learned so much more about myself,” she says with confidence. “I feel like I am better able to market myself.”

Now, Deborah has an interview scheduled and is also exploring a mentorship program with another service provider. She says that coming to the Neil Squire Society has increased her self-esteem — so much so that other people in her life are noticing a change in her.

“[Working Together] has changed me considerably,” she says. “I feel good coming here.”