A Design for Success

Michael has always had a strong interest in design. This passion led him to attend The New Brunswick College of Craft and Design (new window), where he graduated in 2014 with a Graphic Design (new window) diploma.

However, after graduation, Michael had a hard time finding a job in his field. With a diagnosis of ADHD (new window) and Asperger’s syndrome (new window), he found that he struggled socially with initiating conversation and appearing engaged. In addition, it’s hard for him to focus in a loud environment and he prefers to work alone.

Michael decided he needed some help. That’s when he found the Neil Squire Society’s Working Together program.

He began working with a Career Facilitator to learn how to become successful in the work place. “I feel like I am becoming a better employee in the work environment,” he says. “I feel like the program will help me avert mistakes that I have made in the past.”

As part of his education, he is practicing mock interviews — something he would not have been able to do in the past. Since his first session, he has found tremendous improvement. Michael now has all his interview questions rehearsed, and is using strategies he has learned to make eye contact.

Now, Michael says he would recommend the program to others, noting that the Neil Squire staff listen, and they acknowledge both his needs and his abilities. “They give people confidence.”