Digital Jumpstart Helps Somayeh with Her Studies

September 1, 2021

When Somayeh first came to Neil Squire several years ago, she was a new immigrant studying at Douglas College (new window). She is currently completing her undergraduate degree in biochemistry at UBC (new window).

“This is my second experience with Neil Squire Society,” she explains. “[The first time,] I received technical support, a laptop, and a desk. It was really good for me because I didn’t have anything. It helped me improve my study. This time, my laptop was not working properly. I was really worried I couldn’t concentrate on my studies.”

Somayeh seated at a desk, looking into the cameraSomayeh has cerebral palsy (new window).

“I have difficulty in walking and speaking, and one of my hands is affected,” she says. “I use a power chair sometimes, usually for outside activity.”

Through the Digital Jumpstart program, Somayeh received a laptop to help with her school. She also received one-on-one virtual tutoring in computer programs such as Word, Excel (opens in a new window), and WordQ (new window). In particular, she mentions how WordQ’s word prediction feature has helped with her schoolwork.

“Microsoft Office was really good for me,” she notes. “Most of our work uses Word and Excel, especially when we are in the lab and we need to collect data in Excel. It was really helpful for me. And WordQ is awesome for disabled people. I have to write two or three reports for my lab, [and] each lab report is almost 20-25 pages. It’s very difficult for me to type in. But fortunately, the WordQ really helps me.”

Somayeh is working towards graduating next year. After that, she is planning to reach out to the Working Together program for employment support.

With all her hard work, she is sure to see success. All the best, Somayeh!