From Disability Benefits to Independent Working Professional

For over 25 years, Nancy has been involved in volunteering for persons with disabilities both in British Columbia, and her home province of Newfoundland. Nancy came to the Employ-Ability Program (now called the Working Together program) with the goal of finding a career where she could work to help persons with disabilities. She flourished during the Program and her knowledge, skills, and confidence increased every week. She has used all of the skills and tools she learned in the program to help herĀ achieve her goals. Nancy trusted the process and was a diligent and focused participant throughout.

Employ-Ability Participant, NancyIn the Employ-Ability Program, Nancy identified that she wanted to pursue an education in Career Development and specifically focus on working with persons with disabilities. She found the Career Development Practitioner Program (new window) at SFU (new window) and began the application process through the Opportunities Fund for financial assistance. Nancy began the Career Development Practitioner Program at SFU in March 2015 and just graduated at the end of October 2015.

Nancy has now been able to secure two part-time positions in her chosen field. She is working as a Community Facilitator/Mentor for the British Columbia Association for Individualized Technology and Supports for People with Disabilities (new window) (BCITS) and a Community Coordinator with the Individualized Funding Resource Centre (new window) (IFRC). In just over a year, Nancy has managed to complete her education at SFU, work as a health mentor to health care students at UBC (new window), became a certified leader of the Chronic Pain Self-Management program, secured two paid positions in exactly the area of employment she was looking for and is now in planning to stop receiving disability benefits and become an independent working professional. Way to go, Nancy!

Watch Nancy’s video about her Working Together experience: