Ghazi Restarts His Employment Journey by Volunteering

May 13, 2020

Ghazi is originally from Syria, with an employment background in small engine (new window) mechanics. After some neck and wrist injuries, he experienced pain and mobility issues which prompted a change in his lifestyle and work tasks.

Ghazi and his family came to Canada a few years ago. He enrolled in Neil Squire’s Working Together Program to build his confidence. Part of Ghazi’s plan for employment is to perform volunteer work so he can help the community that has given him so much, while improving his English language skills at the same time.

Working Together participant GhaziUpon meeting Ghazi, you can sense his enthusiasm, positive attitude, and generous spirit. He regularly expresses his gratitude for all of the support he has received from his Career Facilitator and his instructors at the Multicultural Association of Fredericton (new window). His commitment to learning his second language extends to his home, where he insists on only speaking English with his family.

Ghazi’s Career Facilitator helped him explore several volunteer opportunities that would be a good fit for his skills and needs. After some networking in the local community, they determined the Multicultural Association of Fredericton would be the best place to start as a volunteer.

Because Ghazi’s goal is to help people in the community, he can make a positive impact to newcomers to Canada in an environment he is well-known and comfortable in. He is particularly interested in helping newcomers learn about Canadian culture and the local community, so the Multicultural Association is a great fit for him.

Another goal Ghazi has recently achieved was taking adaptive driving lessons and obtaining his New Brunswick driver’s permit. While he prepares to start volunteer work, he is also looking into enrolling at a local GED class to work towards his high school equivalency. Ghazi’s long-term goal is to work in Canada and own a property with a small farm.

All the best, Ghazi!