Google Classroom

June 4, 2021

Student wearing blue headphones while using a laptopDigital classroom-management apps have been growing in popularity over the past few years, and even more so during the recent covid-19 pandemic. These apps allow teachers or parents to easily create and manage classroom content such as tests, quizzes, assignments etc. There are lots of classroom management apps available to choose from right now, but today we are going to take a quick look at Google’s classroom app, Google Classroom.

First, users will either join or create a classroom. If you’re a student, you’ll be joining, if you’re a parent or teacher, you’ll be creating. Once the class has been created and named, it’s time to create classroom content. As of right now, users can create assignments, questions, or material. Assignments and questions can be assigned a point value, as well as given a due date, topic, and description. Material allows teachers to create handouts that don’t require answers. All of these pieces of classroom content support attachments, so photos, videos, files, etc, can be used to enhance these materials as well as give students an opportunity to access content using alternative formats that may be more suited to a particular learning style.

The app also connects to the devices built-in calendar so assignments and questions will automatically appear on the chosen due date. This is a great built-in feature for students who struggle with deadlines and/or organization.

The “Classroom folders” section connects directly with Google Drive, allowing teachers and students to easily share and collaborate on projects digitally, and for free.

The people tab allows users to invite students or assign teachers, so, once a classroom has been created it’s easy to add students to the class.

Google Classroom is a simple, easy to use classroom management tool that doesn’t overwhelm users with extra features like some other classroom management/homework assignment apps. That being said the lack of extra features might not appeal to everyone, but if simplicity is what you crave in a classroom/homework management app, then Google Classroom is worth a try. To learn more about Google Classroom, click here(new window).

This post originally appeared on the AT Help Desk website(new window).