Graeme Lands a Sound Editor Job

Graeme has a rare form of dwarfism (new window) and arthritis (new window) in his hands. He has difficulties with heavy lifting and standing for extended periods of time. Occasionally, he experiences pain in his knees and ankles. Graeme, who has a Bachelor’s degree in Music Engineering and Production (new window) as well as a Master’s in Global Entertainment and Music Business, describes himself as very motivated with great energy.

Working Together Participant, Graeme

Graeme enrolled in the Neil Squire Society’s Working Together Program with the goal of finding a career in Sound Editing for the music or film industry. The Working Together Program is a wage subsidy employment program for persons with disabilities.

Recognizing Graeme’s strengths and utilizing a relationship established with GF Strong’s (new window) Vancouver Adapted Music Society (new window) (VAMS), the Working Together team negotiated a part time opportunity for Graeme as a Sound Editor.

Through the Working Together Program, Graeme was able to hone and advance his job searching, interviewing and cold calling skills. He also increased his confidence around when and how to disclose his disability. More importantly however, Graeme is now fully utilizing the training and education that he worked so hard to obtain.

“Since I started working with VAMS it has been a great experience. I record clients, teach music lessons and help coordinate different live VAMS events. Working with the people at VAMS is like working with a family as everyone coordinates together and everyone is extremely friendly. I am lucky to say that I haven’t had any issues working within the environment yet and it is challenging at the same time,” says Graeme. ”Without the hard work from the Working Together Job Developers I would have never even thought that I would be working in a place like this.”