A Joyful Graduate from the Neil Squire Society

New beginnings, friendships and opportunities are created at the Neil Squire Society, and for Sophie that’s exactly what happened. As a proud Employ-Ability Program graduate in New Brunswick (new window), Sophie left in joyful tears aSophie, an Employ-Ability Participant s she had created such a unique bond with her program facilitators Heidi, Julie and Diana. Through an email she expressed her happiness, “I really enjoyed teasing Julie and Terry about the Bruins and the Leafs. I had so much fun at the Employ-Ability Program and I’ve learned a lot about myself.”  

It may be a bittersweet end of one road, but Sophie emphasizes that she would like to keep in touch with the Neil Squire Society’s team as she fondly wrote, “You are all so nice and have great personalities!”

Sophie rounded off her completion of the Employ Ability Program by celebrating with her great coordinators and classmates with a ceremony; the perfect way to say goodbye to new friends who had become more like family.

Sophie left the Neil Squire Society with many memories and appreciation.

We can’t wait to hear about your future successes Sophie!