LipSync Update: Mounting Refined

August 25, 2016

We’ve further refined our DIY (do-it-yourself) mounting set-up that used 3D printed clamps and arrow shafts to create something that looked like a microphone stand.

DIY mounting system The most current iteration of the DIY mounting system. The yellow clamp at the bottom (the opposite end of the head), clamps onto the wheelchair. Attached to this clamp is a Magic Arm, typically used to mount cameras.

Mounted to wheelchair

The aforementioned clamp and Magic Arm mounted on a wheelchair.

This DIY mount does require a few purchased materials (more than just the filament needed for 3D printing). This set-up would require an arrow shaft (about $7), the Magic Arm (about $14), a 2-piece mic adapter (about $9), and a few nuts and bolts. All in all, we’ve calculated that this mounting system would cost about $35 to make, considerably cheaper than using commercially made clamps and commercially available mounting systems.

Earlier model       An earlier model that used much larger arrow shafts.

Initially, the arrow shafts were much longer (as seen pictured above), however, this caused too much vibration. So we decided to cut down the size.

There will be a variety of options for mounting that a maker can choose from — it’s an area of the project that will be quite flexible. This is just one of them. A few of them will be DIY like this where much of it will be 3D printed, while some of them involve using commercial clamps or already made mounting systems. However, this is one that we’re quite excited about.