Logan’s Outlook Changes “Tremendously” with Working Together

June 13, 2019

Logan is a participant of our Working Together Program at our Prairie Regional Office. The Working Together Program helps people with disabilities develop the skills they need to achieve their employment goals. With the help of the program, he recently landed a job as an Administrative Assistant at Western Region III – Métis Nation – Saskatchewan. Here is his story in his own words:

“My success story is one of self-discovery and perseverance. I have a background in customer service, which I have worked in for many years. I came to discover that I had been suffering with high generalized anxiety (opens in a new window), and had been living with it for years without knowing what it was, I just considered it my normal way of being.

“With my anxiety I was always in a heightened state of tension and I was easily annoyed. When I would work with other people I felt as if I was always in a state of agitation and tension which would cause me to stutter. Along with anxiety I suffer from panic attacks. They only last about 5 minutes or so and I am able to talk myself down.

Working Together participant, Logan“In 2017, I injured my back exercising at home, and had to leave my job for these reasons. I cannot sit or stand in a position for a long period of time. If I am moving or changing positions I am able to work more comfortably. Due to my injury I found myself on Transitional Employment Allowance (TEA). My TEA worker recommended Neil Squire Society to me. As a person who has a disability they told me I could benefit from the programs the Neil Squire Society offers.

“It was in Neil Squire Society that I met some truly helpful and wonderful people that helped me and others understand the process of finding employment while you have a disability. I learned about different technologies that were available to people to make their life easier, and I found that a good computer chair really helped with my back.

“They taught all of us that attended the group program a variety of strategies to understand ourselves and what type of work we would be happiest in. I felt that I learned quite a bit about myself, and many different facets of the job seeking process. They even helped set up an interview for me, which proved to be successful. For a person with anxiety this has helped changed my outlook tremendously, and I am better equipped for the future. I will continue with my personal development in the years to come.”