myCall-to-Text: a Real-Time Transcription App

October 3, 2019
Man walking on the street looking at his phone

Man walking on the street looking at his phone

Anybody who has had to deal with hearing impairments, poor hearing, or too much background noise during an important conversation has probably at least once in their lives wished that their conversations could have been closed captioned. And, especially for corporate users, having those captioned conversations transcribed and saved for later review could be invaluable within the business world. The app that we’re looking at today does all that and more.

Phonak’s MyCall-to-Text app turns phone conversation into written transcriptions in real time and allows users to save the transcription for later review. This app is ideal for making phone calls in busy areas where there is a lot of background noise, or for people who have difficulty hearing. Only the caller needs to install the app, and the person being called can use any type of phone.

How it Works

To start a phone call, either select a name in the app’s contacts list or manually dial the number. As the person on the other end speaks, their end of the conversation will be transcribed in the form of messages. Users also have the option of messaging back during calls and the app will vocalize what they type.

The app was also designed to work with the hands-free capabilities of Phonak’s Marvel hearing aids; however, users still get the full functionality of the app when using their smartphones.

Learn More

To learn more about the app, click here(new window). To download via iOS app store, click here(new window). To download the for Android via Google Play, click here(new window).

Note: This service is available in over 80 languages, and is available in the United States, Canada and Germany. A Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, or 5G connection is required to use this app.