Neil Squire Society Client Finds Perfect Fit…at the Neil Squire Society

June 4, 2009

Employ-Ability Participant and Neil Squire Society Employee JasonJason was in a rut when he decided to pack up and head west from his hometown of Edmonton to the excitement and unknown possibilities of Vancouver. He wasn’t sure precisely what he would find when he got there, but he was thrilled at the promise of change and new adventure that he was sure would greet him when he arrived.

Jason has spina bifida (new window) , which results in him needing to use a manual wheelchair; and renal failure (new window) , which means he must go in for hemodialysis three times a week (new window). This process limits his overall energy levels and the amount of time he can work. These issues have made finding the right employment challenging for him.

Realizing that he needed more out of life, financially, socially, and professionally, than he could get by simply living off PWD , Jason contacted the Ministry to request aid in seeking part time employment. They gave him the phone number for the Neil Squire Society.

“I knew the moment I came into the Neil Squire Society office that I was in the right place”, says Jason. Vocational rehabilitation consultant Joe Hofmann’s enthusiasm and optimism was contagious and between them they created an employment plan ideally suited to his needs and skills. Employment Program for Persons with Disabilities (EPPD) Job Developer Mike Broderick worked tirelessly, using clever methods to transform Jason’s resume into a powerful personal endorsement, and using his vast contacts to find Jason the right job in the right place. Almost immediately, the prospective jobs started pouring in. Jason began receiving call-backs and interviews within only two weeks of contacting the Society. Employ-Ability program Coordinator Chris Wright’s mock interviews and advice gave Jason confidence and sharpened his skills significantly.

Jason had only been at it for about a month when an administrative position opened up at the Society. With glowing references from both Joe and Mike, Jason was interviewed for the position. With the advice he had been given by Chris, the interview was successful and he was hired immediately.

Today, Jason is a member of the Neil Squire Society team. He finds his work very rewarding and claims it is “just the right fit”. He enjoys the time he spends with his coworkers and looks forward to going to work.

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