November 14, 2019

For over a decade, remote access software has allowed individuals in the business or IT environment to remotely access and interact with computers that are located off-site. This technological advancement has allowed IT professionals to troubleshoot and control computer systems that are located thousands of miles from their physical location. Remote management software is also often used to allow individuals to access their work computer from home or on the road, thus saving time, money, and resources that would be otherwise spent commuting to the office.

Children using computers

The app that we’re looking at today takes the concept of remote viewing software and applies it to a brand-new dimension; the classroom. ScreenLeap lets teachers share their screen with their students in real-time, as well as share recordings for later viewing, allowing students with different learning styles and paces to access lessons however and whenever they want. For example, for a student with auditory or learning disabilities, taking on new information in a traditional classroom environment might be exceptionally challenging, but if you allow that student to review the lesson in a quiet, safe environment at their own pace, it could a make a world of difference in that individuals ability to learn and retain new information.

Using screen leap is easy. To begin a share, users simply download the app, and tap on “Broadcast screen”, or, go to, click on “share screen” and follow the prompts. Users that wish to view a screen can go to, enter a share code, and then instantly view another users screen without any need for downloads.

The lack of need for downloads is a very important feature within the school environment, as most students and even staff are quite restricted in what they can access. With ScreenLeap, users won’t have to go through any IT hurdles to get started.

More Features:

  • The new “Viewer Mouse” features allows sharers to view the mouse movements of viewers
  • Can be used for up to ten thousand viewers
  • Captures viewers information for later follow up

ScreenLeap is compatible with any device that supports a web browser, including Chromebook, iPad, iPhone, Android, PC and Mac, and is free to use for up to 8 users. To lean more about ScreenLeap, click here(new window).