A Great Action Plan for Employment Pays Off

Employ-Ability Participant Troye posing in front of his officeFor several years, 42-year-old Troy maintained all the equipment at a bustling lumber mill in New Brunswick.

During a busy day at work, Troy sustained a serious injury to his right leg and he could not return to his former job. His employer was unable to accommodate him in any other position, so he was forced to leave the lumber industry.

Troy was unsure of what other occupations might interest him, so he joined the Neil Squire Society’s 12 week Employ-Ability Program in Fredericton, New Brunswick in October of 2006.

During his time in the program, Troy demonstrated an interest in working with computers and the Employ-Ability Program helped him explore different occupations in which he might use this new-found interest. He prepared an Employment Action Plan that guided him in identifying realistic action items that he could work on to accomplish his new employment goal of computer technician. One of those action items was to acquire formal education and training. Upon completion of the Employ-Ability Program, Troy enrolled in the Information Systems Specialist Plus program at CompuCollege in Fredericton (new window).

Troy graduated in May 2009 and returned to the Neil Squire Society for assistance as he began the job search phase of his Employment Action Plan. The staff was able to identify several employers in the Fredericton area who might be interested in Troy, and set up interviews for him. To prepare him, they reviewed and practiced the interviewing skills that Troy had learned two years earlier in the Employ-Ability Program.

With the Neil Squire Society’s assistance and the guidance of a solid Action Plan for Employment developed in the Employ-Ability Program, Troy successfully secured employment in August, 2009 with Sirius Solutions Inc. (new window)

Congratulations, Troy!

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