Veronique Determines Her Own Path

Employ-Ability Participant, VeroniqueVeronique, who lives in Fredericton, New Brunswick (new window), has lived with cerebral palsy (new window) her whole life. In 2013, while she was studying to be a Civil Technician, Veronique’s life changed dramatically when her mother passed away. She contacted the Neil Squire Society (new window) and started their Employ-Ability Program in June of 2014, determined to change her life.

Veronique wanted help settling on a career path. She wanted to be certain that she was choosing for herself and not picking a career based on what other people wanted for her. She knew she wanted to work in a setting where she could help people with their needs and after extensive research, she made the decision to apply to become a physiotherapy assistant (new window).

In September of 2014 she secured a part time position in the kitchen at East Side Mario’s (new window). At the same time she also started a biology course, a pre-requisite to the physiotherapy assistant program.

The Employ-Ability Program helped Veronique to develop confidence and taught her not to second-guess herself. Veronique’s hard work, determination and her ability to set and follow priorities make her an asset to any employer. We wish her success now and in the future.