WordQ: An Overview

October 17, 2019

A woman using a tablet in a librray

Originally created in partnership with Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital as a writing and research app for individuals with physical or learning disabilities, WordQ quickly became recognized as an app that could be beneficial to all students, especially for those individuals who struggle with English as a first or second language. Originally created in the early 2000s, this app is now in its 5th iteration, with new features and functions being added in every new version. Today, WordQ is available for iPad, Chromebook, PC, Mac, and as an extension to the Google Chrome internet browser, making it compatible with virtually any modern computer.

At its core, WordQ provides contextual word prediction, feedback, and proofreading. It’s not a word processor unto itself, but instead, it’s designed to work in conjunction with the users’ word processor of choice. And while most modern word processors such as Microsoft Word can easily spot simple spelling errors, these word processors are not designed to effectively handle contextual spelling or complex grammar proofing. WordQ is designed to fill that gap by providing powerful, contextually based spelling and grammar feedback that goes far beyond the scope of a traditional word processor. The app also offers speech recognition and feedback, making it a perfect choice for auditory learners and for those who struggle with text-based disabilities.

The Versions:

WordQ 5 is available as a desktop application for PC and Mac

iWordQ 5 is available as a mobile app for iPad, and

WordQ Chrome is available as an extension for Google Chrome

In addition, there are pro versions of both WordQ 5 and iWordQ 5 which offer a “more robust, post-secondary appropriate vocabulary”. Essentially, the base versions (WordQ/iWordQ) are designed for K-12 students, while the Pro versions (WordQ Pro/iWordQ Pro) are designed for post-secondary and beyond. To learn more about the different versions of WordQ, click here(new window). To download a free 30- day trial version of WordQ 5, click here(new window).