Working Together and Language Skills Land Scott a Job

October 24, 2019

Scott is a Métis man raised in south Saskatchewan. Scott was born with Cerebral Palsy (opens in a new window), which affects his mobility and balance. In 2014, Scott developed anxiety and found himself struggling with self-confidence in unfamiliar situations.

Working Together participant, ScottScott is fluent in Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and his first language, English. He proudly earned a Bachelor’s degree in Mandarin Chinese Language, with additional certificates in French and Spanish.

Despite his unique skill-set, Scott struggled to find employment. His personal doubts and anxiety interfered with his ability to find work, and he felt he needed more guidance.

Scott discovered Neil Squire and our services through a recommendation from a friend who was familiar with our work. He attended Career Development, Career Counseling, and Wellness for Work courses through our Working Together group program. He worked with the Career Facilitators on resumes, cover letters, and interview skills.

“I now feel a bit more confident in my skills and now that I have had some work and interview experience,” says Scott. “The guidance of my Job Developer and the Facilitators has definitely helped me deal with my doubts and anxiety. Honestly, the dynamic between the clients and Facilitators is what I enjoyed the most; I felt comfortable talking to them and discussing my problems and issues.”

With the help of Neil Squire, Scott completed a 4-week volunteer work placement at the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Heritage Museum (opens in a new window) and subsequently gained employment as a Bilingual Educational Assistant with Regina Public Schools (opens in a new window).

He adds, “I was given an Assistive Technology assessment and an ergonomic assessment which allowed me to identify the accommodations I would need for work. Neil Squire Society gave a lot of information about writing a good cover letter, resume and what to expect in an interview. It has introduced me to a lot of new things, and has certainly helped demystify the job market.”