A Perfect Fit for William and X’Lance Bookkeeping

November 25, 2020

William had just returned to Canada from Europe and was looking to move into a different field of work from his previous marketing and consulting jobs.

“I have a hearing impairment which makes it difficult when speaking on the phone, conversing in loud environments, and watching soft spoken webinars,” he shares.

He turned to Neil Squire’s Working Together program, looking for an opportunity to advise businesses and individuals on tax returns, and to gain knowledge in that field.

William at his desk at workBefore long, the Working Together team found a perfect fit for William — X’Lance Bookkeeping (new window), a bookkeeping and tax preparation company in Penticton, BC. They deal with a wide variety of clients, from individuals to businesses, with clients in the areas of construction, liquor distribution, wineries, personal service providers, and tourism.

Deborah Belden, president of X’Lance Bookkeeping, notes that William is “enjoyable to work with, eager to make suggestions, enjoys learning, team player, listens to corrections and understands what needs to be done to fix things, takes initiative for helping the company save money wherever possible.”

William is enjoying his time at X’Lance Bookkeeping, growing his abilities in his new career path.

“I [have been] able to expand my knowledge and expertise in a new direction while being able to draw on my past experience,” William says. “Around the office, they have been very accommodating in allowing me to work in areas in which I have strength.”

Deborah recommends the Working Together program for other businesses looking to hire.

“This process was made easier with Neil Squire staff,” she shares. “The program allowed us to get through most of the training part and allowed both the employee and the company to determine if the individual was suited not just for the position and work required to be done, but also the culture of the company.

“It was really useful to us that the program continued to be provided during the pandemic, as our business continued to provide customer services as well. This employee was part of our reorganization and this was most beneficial.”