“A True Sense of Helping and of Purpose” for Ron

September 15, 2021

When Ron came to Neil Squire, he was working full-time at a physically demanding job. He was looking for a way to transition to a more physically sustainable position.

“I have upper and lower airways disease, effectively only a third of lung capacity,” he explains. “[I also have] L4/L5 L5/S1 back damage.”

Ron at work, seated and smiling. Behind him are wires for electronics, with additional storage behindHis search brought him to Neil Squire’s Working Together program in Penticton.

“My goal was to start the transition from what I was having to do, to doing something I can do, and to provide an opportunity to be more creative,” he says. “It has been a very good success.”

Now, Ron is working part-time at his old job, along with doing IT work and consulting for non-profits as well as businesses across town. He is uniquely placed as the person who fills the niche his village needs.

He feels his life has changed.

“There have been many improvements, more energy at the end of the day, better quality of life. A true sense of helping and of purpose.

“Working with Neil Squire was a breath of fresh air. Helpful, active, and there to help get things moving and done. Very much appreciated.”

Ron’s goal is to continue working and laying the foundation for his own company in the field of IT and game development. All the best, Ron!