Donna Finds Success During COVID-19

June 10, 2020

Donna lives in Regina, Saskatchewan. When she joined Neil Squire’s Working Together Program in September 2019, she had been out of work due to various medical and personal reasons.

Donna has been diagnosed with Arthritis (opens in a new window) in her fingers, feet, and neck, as well as Plantar Fasciitis (opens in a new window) in her feet. She has also been diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, which sometimes causes her to feel “stuck” in a flashback.

Working Together participant, DonnaDonna previously worked full-time, but the job was not a good fit for her. She explains, “This was not an ideal place for me and I would resign about once a year. This would get me a pay raise and feed my ego enough to stay, but it was another crack in my well-being. I hit the proverbial brick wall. My health in all aspects deteriorated. I gave my notice, phoned a friend and went off grid for two years.”

Donna joined the Working Together on-site Group Program at Neil Squire’s Prairie Regional Office. There she gained “confidence in using computers for employment purposes, confidence in being able to verbalize what I need, a shift in understanding my world where mental health is concerned, and being able to identify weaknesses and share them.” 

Donna says her favourite part of the program was the patient, helpful, and respectful instructors. She also says that the program has immensely aided her confidence in her ability to perform during an interview.

Donna worked hard at her Volunteer Work Placement at The Better Business Bureau (opens in a new window) in Regina and was offered a full time position as Clerical and Administrative Assistant. She continues to work remotely from home for her job. She was provided a laptop to work from home and training to access all needed databases from her home. She works remotely by phone with her clients to provide her safety during this difficult time.

Good going, Donna!