Garry Receives Thorough, Professional, and Result-Focused Service from Technology@Work

June 7, 2017

A motor vehicle collision over 20 years ago left Garry with chronic pain, fatigue, and muscle tightness in his neck, shoulders and lower back.

hands on a keyboard

Garry, who works both from an office at home and on the road as he travels across British Columbia for his job, had made adjustments to his workstation on his own. He alternated between using a traditional worktable, a stand-up desk, and a reclining chair.

“In my situation, I need to move often to relieve muscle tightness, and shifting from the desk to the recliner to the stand-up workstation helps,” he explains.

However, he was still dealing with fatigue, and decided to reach out to the Neil Squire Society’s Technology@Work program to see if it could be reduced.

The Neil Squire Society’s Occupational Therapists came to his home office to assess his workstations, and recommended changes and assistive technology solutions. Garry has seen tremendous improvement in his ability to work, and his productivity ever since.

“I thought I had adapted my workspace well, but their recommended changes to keyboarding, monitor height and sitting/standing positioning have greatly reduced my fatigue and greatly increased my productivity,” Garry explains. “I am no longer sore at the end of the day and am getting more work completed.

“Technology@Work even aided me with work while travelling by providing a portable flat-folding laptop stand from which I can get a proper ergonomic setup on any hotel room desk,” Garry says.

“I am extremely pleased with the program and the people at Neil Squire Society. They were thorough, professional, and result-focused and I have greatly benefited from their needs assessment and recommended assistive devices,” he continues. “Were it not for the Technology@Work program, I would not have had these positive results, as the program I work for could not afford the service and devices. For those in need, I highly recommend the Neil Squire Society’s Technology@Work program.”

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