“It Feels Great to Finally Be Working!”

July 15, 2020

Kiersten was born with Spina Bifida (new window), a condition that affects her mobility. When she joined Neil Squire’s Working Together Program, she was using a walker at home and while running errands around the city of Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Working Together participant, KierstenKiersten loves coffee shops, shopping, and the local library. However, the fatigue was limiting her ability to do things she enjoyed. These outings began to feel like chores.

Kiersten then began using an electric wheelchair for her errands and attending her Working Together meetings. It was a huge change and confidence boost for her. With newfound motivation, she could focus on doing what she wanted instead of wondering what she had the energy for. Now Kiersten was completely ready to take on the challenge of finding a job she loved.

Kiersten knew she wanted to work with a not-for-profit organization – she just needed to figure out how to best connect with one. She also wanted to hone her interview skills and develop more confidence. She was able to work on all these goals with her Job Developer.

With the help of Working Together, Kiersten connected with the Tetra Society of North America (new window), an organization that creates solutions for people with disabilities to overcome barriers. She is now the Halifax Chapter Coordinator.

It feels great to finally be working!” exclaims Kiersten. “The best part of the job would have to be networking with people and sharing ideas.”

She adds, “My advice for anyone would be to be patient and don’t give up. You never know when the perfect job will be right around the corner! It has been a long road, but thank you to everyone for all their help!”