“It Was Very Helpful,” Justin Finds the Right Fit With Working Together

August 9, 2022

Despite having the right qualifications and experience in accounting, Justin had a difficult time finding work in his field.

black calculator near ballpoint pen on white printed paperJustin has a learning disability which makes it difficult to learn information in a short period of time.

Justin joined Neil Squire’s Working Together program to find new work and to learn how to advocate for himself.

With his Job Developer, Justin worked on networking, how to disclose his disabilities, and how to communicate his need for accommodations. He also worked on his interview skills through mock interviews.

“I found it was very helpful, he put a lot of effort to help me based on my own needs instead of giving me cookie cutter support,” Justin explains.

Through Working Together, Justin found work in finance with a large organization that is understanding of his needs. They arranged accommodations including extra training, breaking his work into chunks to more easily deal with tasks, and leniency on deadlines.

“I’m more confident and more understanding of my disability and how I can best communicate that — to be straightforward and direct when I communicate those types of things,” Justin says thanks to Working Together. “I’ve found I’m much more comfortable in knowing how to communicate it now that I’ve got some training.”

Justin looks forward to continuing to solidify his career.

“I’m very satisfied with what I got from Neil Squire,” he says. “I’m very thankful that [the Working Together team] were able to help me out to the extent that they did.”