Joel Finds a “Wonderful Place to Work”

May 29, 2019

Neil Squire Society Atlantic Region staff are extremely fond of Joel. He is an absolute pleasure to be around and is always courteous and kind. Joel is a great conversationalist and always takes the time to say good morning when he comes to the office for a visit. He has made it a point to know everyone’s names, whether he works with them or not.

You would not know by looking at Joel that when he is stressed, his anxiety increases. Nor would you know that this Sociology graduate from St. Thomas University (opens in a new window) has a variety of learning disabilities including ADHD (opens in a new window), dyslexia (opens in a new window), dysgraphia (opens in a new window) and dyscalculia (opens in a new window).

Joel (left) with Erica Young, Executive Director of Opal Family ServicesWith the help of Working Together staff, Joel now has an excellent resume and can create tailored cover letters. The staff assisted him with keeping his momentum and motivation during his job search, and also helped him prepare for interviews. A supportive employer was a must for Joel, and Opal Family Services (opens in a new window) seemed like an excellent fit.

Opal Family Services works with individuals with disabilities by providing support and coordinating respite care. Joel now works as an Executive Assistant with them. As a person with a disability, he derives great pleasure working with others who have a disability.

He says, “Opal Family Services is a wonderful place to work. I find it warm, friendly and very welcoming. As a newcomer I joined the “Opal Family” as their Executive Assistant. In this exciting position, I feel I have learned something new daily. As a result of this I’m continually growing as a person both personally and professionally. I’m in the office assisting my fellow coworkers in their daily work.”

Erica Young, Executive Director at Opal Family Services, says, “We recognize that individuals with disabilities are under-represented in the workplace and often underpaid. Therefore, it is a goal of ours to hire individuals with disabilities. We value Joel’s outgoing personality, his hard work ethic, and his willingness to learn and improve.

“Joel’s experience managing a department, completing administrative tasks, and interacting with customers is a valuable asset to Opal. His approachable disposition ensures that our families feel welcome when they call or visit our office. His positive attitude helps us collaborate to tackle new and complex projects! We are benefiting greatly from our newest team member.”

Joel encourages others who are in need of the services the Neil Squire Society provides to “find good supports and never give up on yourself.”

Keep up the good work, Joel!