Kaige Lands a Position as a Personal Shopper

July 8, 2020

Kaige is a youth Working Together participant who recently earned his high school diploma from St. Luke’s Alternative School. Prior to graduation, his teacher recommended he join Neil Squire to benefit from the job development programming.

Kaige was determined and willing to put in the work to successfully gain employment. His drive came from his desire to further his education – he hopes to study biology at the University of Regina (opens in a new window). To make his academic ambitions come true, however, Kaige was looking for employment so he could pay for tuition.

stock image of woman in supermarket holding up fruitWith his Job Developer, Kaige worked on his resume and cover letter, interview preparation, career exploration, goal-setting and wellness strategies. This was alongside balancing coursework and helping take care of his siblings, which is a testament to Kaige’s work ethic and determination.

After graduating high school, Kaige remained vigilant and continued working with his Job Developer. They regularly applied for jobs and searched for opportunities to market his skills.

Despite the COVID-19 outbreak, Kaige continued moving forward and reaching out to potential employers. Soon, his efforts paid off.

As a Personal Shopper at the Real Canadian Superstore, Kaige receives customers’ grocery orders, assembles and packages them, and brings the orders out for pick-up. Kaige says he feels a strong sense of pride in doing his part to serve his community.

The employer supplies safety gear such as gloves, masks and provision of hand sanitizer and requests all staff practice regular hand washing, social distancing, and contactless delivery.

Kaige says, “The one-on-one with my job developer really helped me learn and understand the skills I needed to get a job. I really could have not done this on my own.”