A Thorough Learning Experience with the Neil Squire Society’s Team

Kaven was a youth intern (new window) at the Neil Squire Society’s (new window) Computer Comfort Program from November 2014 to April 2015. Initially, Kaven was working with Fraser, one of our Job Developers, when Fraser informed Kaven of an internship opportunity in our Computer Comfort Program. Kaven has always wanted to work with people with disabilities, so he immediately seized on the opportunity. After the interview process, Kaven turned out to be the perfect fit for the position. Kaven is a graduate of the Youth Justice Program at Douglas College (new window). The intern position was different from the work he was trained for but he was ready to take on something new. Kaven has Usher Syndrome (new window), which is a rare genetic condition that affects a person’s hearing.

Kaven, Computer Comfort Youth InternKaven spent four months changing people’s lives as he worked with them, in one-on-one computer training sessions, teaching them basic computer skills. He enjoyed his time working in Computer Comfort. “It was a rewarding experience, to help someone reach their goals,” says Kaven.

During the internship, Kaven expanded on a number of different skills, including multi-tasking, time management, and a new found kind of patience. He got to explore many different avenues during his internship. Kaven had previous experience working in an office and non-profit environment but his experience at the Neil Squire Society was a unique and uplifting one. He tells us he received “kind and knowledgeable management.”

After working at the Neil Squire Society, Kaven feels that he is ready to take on more professional work and is now also looking into managerial roles. In the end, Kaven tells us that he had a blast with the Neil Squire Society’s team, accompanied by a thorough learning experience. His experience at the Neil Squire Society has opened many new doors in his future.

Best of luck Kaven!