A Lesson of Experience for Samantha

September 14, 2016

For Samantha, a youth internship at the Neil Squire Society gave her the necessary real world experience to compliment her studies.

Youth Intern, Samantha

“I learned how important it is to be diligent, timely, dedicated,” she explains.

An English major, who is minoring in anthropology, history and sociology at St. Thomas University (new window), Samantha’s work as an education assistant helps put her on the path to her goal of teaching “students that are from different countries.” She uses her experience in research to research assistive technology (new window) and learning strategies.

“I think some of the challenges I faced was getting the hang of it at first, switching from essays to actual research,” she notes.

However, the work experience wasn’t the only reward for Samantha. Working at the Neil Squire Society gave her a chance to work in a cause that she believes in, and is dear to her.

“[The Neil Squire Society] helps people in my neighbourhood and in Canada, like people that I’m close to, related to. It helped them in many different ways, so I thought that it would be worthwhile to work for them,” Samantha says.

“I enjoyed the environment and the way everyone gets along together and works together for a great cause.”