Mehrnoush Becomes More Active in Her Workplace With Assistive Technology

December 18, 2019

Mehrnoush is a bookkeeper based in Pitt Meadows. Her work involves a lot of time at a desk and on the computer.

She has cerebral palsy.


“It slows down my movements,” she explains. “For example, I use only two of my fingers while typing. In my workplace, I can’t be as active as other people. I also have back and shoulder pain while working for a long period of time.”

Mehrnoush was referred to WorkBC Assistive Technology Services by an employment services provider.

Through Assistive Technology Services, she received a bigger desk, an adjustable chair, an extra keyboard, and a document holder.

“Using these technologies while working helps me to be more active in my workplace by doing tasks more quickly and not having shoulder pain anymore,” she says.

“It has completely changed [my life] since I don’t have shoulder and back pain anymore.”

Mehrnoush adjusted to her new assistive technologies easily, describing them as “pretty straight forward.”

“I would recommend Assistive Technology Service to others. It helps them so much because it is based on their needs.”

WorkBC Assistive Technology Services is operated by Neil Squire. Assistive Technology Services are available to individuals who have a work-related barrier due to a disability or a functional limitation. This may include barriers related to traveling to and from the workplace.

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