Mike finds the right balance with employment and passion

Mike was looking to re-enter the workforce. He had worked in a manufacturing position for a number of years but had to leave his job in 2013 due to personal and health reasons.

Mike, Working Together participantMike has an intellectual disability and hearing issues. Despite these barriers, he was very motivated to find work and prove to an employer that he would be a valuable asset.

He had come across the Neil Squire Society’s booth at a local career fair and realized he was a fit for the Society’s Working Together program.

Mike began working with a Career Facilitator and completed a wide range of Career and Personal Development lessons. During these sessions, Mike shared that he enjoyed tying fishing flies. He was interested in selling them locally, but wasn’t sure where to begin.

Seizing this idea, the Career Facilitator reached out to the Executive Director of the Entrepreneurs with Disabilities Network (new window) (EDN), a Nova Scotia based non-profit agency that supports individuals with disabilities who are interested in self-employment. Over a number of months, the staff at EDN provided advice, support and guidance to Mike, who is now on the path to self-employment.

In addition to his hand tied fishing fly business, Mike has also found part-time seasonal employment as part of a Lawn Care Crew. Mike is pleased with the balance — self-employment in his area of passion, with paid employment to help support his burgeoning business.

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