Matthew Finds Success as a Geographic Information System Technician

Matthew, a C5 Quadriplegic (new window), is not one to let his disability affect his daily life. He’s always smiling and has a good sense of humor. Matthew was able to secure a job recently with the support of the Neil Squire Society’s (new window) Working Together Program. Matthew was hired by the Town of Grand Bay (new window), New Brunswick, as a Geographic Information System Technician (new window).

Working Together participant, MatthewThe Neil Squire Society Assistive Technology Team was able to support Matthew to be able to work from home, by providing him with an appropriate and comfortable work station equipped with the Assistive Technology (new window) he required to complete his job tasks independently and efficiently.

Matthew is the perfect example of how someone can be successful in employment no matter what road blocks may put in front of them with a little support from the right team. Matthew was a pleasure to work with, an easy going guy but always willing to let us know what he needed in order for him to be successful in his job.

Matthew reports that the technology he received has helped him to be independent in his current job placement, but will also assist him in the future as he would like to pursue a career in accounting.

Congratulations, Matthew!