Moo Doh Uses His Volunteer Experience to Land His First Job

September 4, 2019

Moo Doh is a young man living on the Canadian Prairies. He is an enthusiastic volunteer, having helped out at his high school’s recycling program and the Regina Food Bank (opens in a new window).

Moo Doh has dyslexia (opens in a new window). He has trouble with reading and spelling, and learns better by being shown what to do.

A teacher at Moo Doh’s school who was familiar with our work introduced him to the Neil Squire Society and our Working Together Program. This experience helped make him the ideal candidate for the Kitchen Helper position he was able to land with the help of the Neil Squire Society.

Working Together participant Moo Doh“The Neil Squire Society helped me get a job and learn about how to find employment,” says Moo Doh. Although he had no work experience, his Job Developer worked with him to create an effective resume and cover letter that highlighted his volunteer work. Along with this, they also worked on interview skills.

With Working Together, Moo Doh learned how to market himself to potential employers. He quickly grasped concepts of workplace-appropriate attire and behaviour. He learned how to disclose his accommodation needs to a potential employer and was able to turn perceived barriers to employment into strengths.

Moo Doh used the skills he picked up at the Neil Squire Society to find a full-time job over his summer break. He is having a great time at Memories Dining & Bar (opens in a new window), a prominent fine dining establishment in Regina, Saskatchewan. He is enjoying this opportunity to gain work experience while out of school and hopes to continue working part-time into the new school year.

Moo Doh is working closely with the owners of Memories Dining & Bar, who have nothing but kind words for their newest employee. His confidence is at an all-time high working in a positive and motivating environment like Memories. He was worried that having little work experience at his age would be a barrier to employment, but with the Neil Squire Society he was able to find fulfilling work with accommodating employers.

Moo Doh is thrilled about the job search skills he was able to acquire and is confident he will be able to apply these skills and abilities to any future job searches.

He is all smiles when asked about his time with Working Together, “If it helped me get a job, it can help others I care about get a job as well.” Not only is Moo Doh proud of his time with the Neil Squire Society, we are proud to have had him in the program!