Paige Feels She Can Grow in Her New Role

May 1, 2019

“Paige is hard working, very reliable, friendly, and always eager to add to her skills. She has taken any opportunity that has come her way and exceeded expectations with each new challenge,” says Paige’s employer, Summer Street Industries.

Summer Street Industries (opens in a new window) is a service centre in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia that operates a variety of social enterprises. This includes a canteen during local Bingo games, supervision of equipment rentals at Highland Soccer Complex, and a facility that hosts events and parties.

The Neil Squire Society enjoys a great relationship with Summer Street Industries. Together, we work to create opportunities for persons with disabilities throughout Pictou County (opens in a new window). Recently, the organization hired Paige.

Paige has spent the past few years developing her skills for the workplace. She was looking for employment to gain independence and a greater income. She worked as a dishwasher for a time, but had trouble keeping up with the pace of work and felt her employer didn’t understand her disability.

Paige has Tourette syndrome (opens in a new window), which causes her to have some involuntary movements – something that a lot of people do not understand and which might look strange to others.

When Paige left the dishwashing position, it caused a setback in terms of building her confidence. She worried she would not be able to find a position to succeed in.

Paige at her new jobThis led Paige to join the Neil Squire Society’s Working Together program, which helps people with disabilities develop the skills they need to achieve their employment goals. Working with the team, she soon secured a position with Summer Street.

The role fit Paige like a glove. She excelled at working with the various social enterprises within the organization. Her enthusiastic personality and customer service skills shone with a supportive employer like Summer Street.

“I have great coworkers that I can talk to,” says Paige. “I feel comfortable at work and like I can handle my job duties. I feel like this is a good step for me and that I can grow.”

Paige is excited to continue working and gaining new skills, while building her confidence and independence. Her employer is thrilled with her work and can see her gaining more duties and additional hours as she continues her employment.

Her employer says, “There are a lot of good things to be said of Paige. She loves her job and enjoys coming to work each shift. Her enthusiasm has led to more opportunities with the soccer complex and she was just asked to be trained to do air brush tattoos which will in turn lead to more work at outdoor events throughout the summer.

“2019 has been a great year for Paige and we are looking forward to her continued success!”