The Right Service

July 13, 2016

Erick was involved in a car accident in 1991 which resulted in a bilateral amputation (new window) above the knee — he now uses a wheelchair for mobility.

He had been out of work in his field for over three years and believed that the gap between jobs on his resume and the perception of his disability were keeping him from finding sustainable employment. He also found that approaching potential employers and disclosing disabilities was a challenge.

When Erick came to Neil Squire Society, he already had training and experience as an automotive technician (new window), and in business management, and security loss prevention. Although his knowledge was dated, he wanted to apply his expertise in the automotive field and get back to working in a sector he had a passion for.

Erick joined the Working Together program, where he received help preparing himself for his job search. He was encouraged to clarify his career goals and he fine-tuned his presentation and job search skills.

Using this knowledge, he identified Squirrely Automotive (new window) as an employer that could use his particular set of skills. Erick noticed that this company would benefit from adding a Service Writer (new window) to their team. With the help of a wage subsidy incentive, and noticing Erick’s drive to succeed and motivation, they were able to hire Erick in a permanent full time capacity.

Squirrely Automotive Logo (new window)His impact was immediate. With his previous experience in the automotive field, Erick is able to use his people skills and automotive knowledge to liaise with customers and vendors, assist with vehicle diagnostics, and communicate complicated procedures in customer-friendly terms. Erick and his employer are thrilled with how things have worked out. They are both grateful that the subsidy opened the door to an opportunity that may not have otherwise been considered.