Summer Street Industries and the Neil Squire Society Make a Great Team

Summer Street Industries (opens in a new window) in Nova Scotia (opens in a new window) is a dynamic and contributing part of Pictou County (opens in a new window) life and business. With over 5,000 customers, 2,000 donors, 200 clients, and a vast network of friends and business partners, Summer Street Industries is an integral part of the community. The programs, social enterprises, and numerous annual events that they host are opening doors and eliminating barriers for everyone.

The team at Summer Street works with people with intellectual disabilities and the community to discover opportunities and create awareness of the skills, talents, and gifts that everyone has to offer.

Summer Street Industries and the Neil Squire Society have teamed up to make great things happen.

Jill Butler and Julie Dignan
Jill Butler, Career Facilitator at Neil Squire Society’s Working Together program, with Julie Dignan, Manager of Employment Services at Summer Street Industries

A number of Summer Street clients have had the opportunity to participate in the Working Together program that is offered by the Neil Squire Society. The program has provided these individuals with the opportunity to gain the skills required to achieve their employment goals.

Wage subsidies provided by the Neil Squire Society have given participants the opportunity to work in a variety of roles. Some of the clients have been hired by the social enterprises run by Summer Street Industries. These clients have filled positions in a variety of areas, including trophy and awards, catering, bingo, front desk/reception, and lawn care. Other participants have found work in the business sector, at two local golf courses, and in the information technology sector. All the participants have gained valuable skills and increased confidence.