“Before I Wasn’t Able to Find a Job. Now I Have a Secure Job,” Tson-Yu Says Thanks to Working Together

December 16, 2020

Tson-Yu has over 16 years of retail and restaurant management experience, but since developing epilepsy (new window) after a head injury, his career was interrupted and it has been difficult for him to hold steady employment.

Finding a safe workplace has been challenging for him — during a seizure, he could fall and lose consciousness.

Looking to explore his career options, Tson-Yu enrolled in Neil Squire’s Working Together program in Burnaby, BC.

Working with a career facilitator, he created a strong script for talking to potential employers that disclosed his epilepsy and outlined a few accommodations that would help create a safe work environment.

Working Together participant, Tson-YuWithin Tson-Yu’s first month in Working Together, his job developer connected him to a production assistant position. He received support with interview preparation and practiced one-on-one with the staff ahead of the job interview to gain confidence.

His hard work paid off, and Tson-Yu got the job. He enjoyed the work, especially the friendships he developed with his co-workers.

However, after a few months, the COVID-19 pandemic had him job-searching again. Tson-Yu went back to work with the Working Together team to plot his next step.

His career facilitator helped him revamp his resume to emphasize his management experience in the retail industry. After putting some work in on his resume, Tson-Yu felt ready and confident to apply.

Once again, his hard work paid off — after his third interview, he was hired as a produce clerk at a major grocery chain.

“[Working Together] helped me to remove the barrier I had to find a job because of my health problem of epilepsy. It helped me to gain self-confidence, then to see and apply to suitable working places. The program is very good and rich with information,” Tson-Yu shares.

“Before I wasn’t able to find a job. Now I have a secure job. This company values long and faithful workers of the company. I’m very happy to be part of this team.”

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