Dallas is in His Element at His New Job

July 31, 2019

Dallas is a cheerful, hardworking young man with a positive attitude. He is active in his community. In his spare time, he participates in Special Olympics Bowling (opens in a new window) and a social drop-in group for adults with disabilities.

Dallas has overcome many barriers throughout his life. He has a diagnosis of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (opens in a new window) (FASD). Through his school years, he received support to complete projects and stay organized in the classroom.

Working Together participant, DallasIt was in high school that Dallas discovered a love for woodworking. He took several shop classes and was proud of the many projects he created, including a table of his favorite hockey team for one of his instructors. Dallas was recognized for his ability to overcome challenges when he received the Turnaround Achievement Award for Stanley High School in 2018, the year he graduated.

Dallas came to the Neil Squire Society’s Working Together Program with a strong work ethic, motivation, and a willingness to learn. In order to prepare for employment, he completed the Safety Start Program (opens in a new window) which equipped him with training in workplace health and safety along with workplace first aid and CPR.

When MacDonald Builders (opens in a new window) was searching for a labourer to help in their wood shop, Dallas was an easy choice for Working Together staff to recommend. This family-run business produces pre-engineered roof trusses and other construction supplies which are shipped to the Maritimes and beyond.

Here, Dallas is in his element. He loves his new job, is fitting in nicely, and impressed his co-workers when he brought in brownies to share. Dallas says he is very grateful for the support he received at the Neil Squire Society.