Drake is Proud to Help Support His Family with His New Job

April 28, 2021

Drake has been diagnosed with an intellectual disability. His barrier to employment is memory; he may need to do or hear something multiple times to fully understand it.

Drake was referred to Neil Squire’s Working Together program in Summer 2020. He received personalized training from his Career Facilitator to help him become job-ready. He also worked with his Job Developer to secure long-term employment.

Drake was quickly invited for a job interview; however, it did not result in a job offer due to COVID-19 restrictions. But Drake did not let that get him down.

Drake with his employerNeil Squire has a great working relationship with Canadian Tire (opens in a new window) in Moncton, and they in turn are supportive of Neil Squire’s Working Together program. The General Manager was happy to interview Drake for a Shelf Stocker position – a position he successfully landed.

At the beginning of his employment, Drake had support due to his disability. Once he felt comfortable with his job duties, he gradually began working more independently.

Drake’s direct supervisor has encouraged and supported him in his success, saying, “He is becoming more independent every day.”

The store’s General Manager says, “We think Drake is a great asset to our store. He always has a smile or a funny story to share with the team.”

She adds she “absolutely would” recommend Working Together to other businesses. “They answered all the many questions we had and were available at any time we needed them. I look forward to working with them again in the future.”

Drake says his life has changed since Working Together. “I can buy stuff on my own now. I feel proud I help my family and I have more confidence in myself now.”

As for his plans for the future, he says, “Just to keep working hard and doing well. I just want to say thank you to everyone!”