“I Love Both the People I Work With and the Work That I Do”

March 17, 2021

Nate has a bachelor’s degree in business administration. He has been working in the disability community in Victoria, BC for over a decade.

Due to his work, Nate was familiar with Neil Squire and the Working Together program. Looking for support to transition out of the non-profit field, he decided to join the program.

“I believe everyone should access services that assist them in achieving their goals and job search and everything that comes with it is both challenging and daunting,” he explains. “I also knew that they would have a better understanding of how a disability can affect employment and would be able to support me throughout the process. All of which has been true!”

Nate with the equipment he received. He is smiling, seated in an ergonomic chair. Behind him is his desk, with a laptop, keyboard and external monitorNate has cerebral palsy (new window), which affects his balance, fine motor skills, and core strength. In addition, he can have difficulty tracking words when reading.

With Working Together staff, Nate explored new areas of interest, participated in information interviews, and conducted labour market research. Since he loved teaching, Nate used this knowledge and his networking skills to land a volunteer position as a tutor.

“From helping me find opportunities to further exploring my career passions and wants, and resume and interview prep, they went out of their way to set me up for success,” he notes.

Meanwhile, his job developer learned about an opportunity with Descriptive Video Works (new window), a company that provides audio description for various types of video programming. It seemed like a great fit for Nate; he would be able to apply his business knowledge and work in a highly collaborative environment. He also had personal experience using the company’s services.

Nate worked hard to fine-tune his resume and cover letter, and then prepared for the interview. And he landed the job!

As a part-time Administrative Assistant, Nate’s role is a combination of administrative support, research and project management, assisting writers deliver completed content.”

Nate also worked with Neil Squire and his employer to receive external monitors, along with an ergonomic desk and chair, to allow him to better do his job and reduce strain on his body.

“I am so thankful to Neil Squire for their assistance all the way along,” says Nate. “Furthermore, I don’t think I would have found this job without them. I have loved both the people I work with and the work that I do.

His advice to others in a similar situation is, “I would encourage anyone who is eligible and has been thinking about getting assistance with employment – by all means do it! Finding work is hard enough. Having people in your corner that are tuned in to the world of employment makes all the difference!”